Tracking says delivered and I did not receive it

Sorry to hear this! Several things can happen -  

1) another family member has brought it into the house and forgot to tell you (we hear this story a lot) 

2) a neighbor has signed for it and has it 

3) your postal carrier delivered it to the wrong house or apartment or at the front desk of your apartment because it does not fit into your lock box 

4) Your postal carrier returned it to the post office, left you a receipt to pick up at the post office and it's waiting for your pickup. If it is "unclaimed", it will be returned to Faithbox with postage fees due. 

5) Lastly, we have noticed a somewhat common trend with USPS lately where tracking information will say a package is delivered only for the package to actually arrive a few days later. So if the first two possibilities we’ve mentioned do not prove correct, would you mind giving it another day or two and then confirming with us that you still haven’t received it? At that point we will gladly send replacements. We just want to rule out all of these first which we can assure you are all quite common occurrences. 

6) shipped to the wrong address that you provided and will be returned to us with additional postage fees due. 

7) Please call your local post office hub and ask them to speak with the driver on your route Plus provide your tracking information so they can find out more on where they delivered it on your route, if it was returned to the post office, etc. They can provide you with more intel than our customer support team can.

After checking all these scenarios off your list, and you still cannot find it, Please contact our Faithbox support team at  and we'll make arrangements to ship you a one time replacement.

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