Shipping for Everyday Faith Devotional Subscriptions

If you purchase a subscription BEFORE the 19th of the month (at times this date is extended), your first devotional will ship out the last week of that same month and arrive by the beginning of the upcoming month. You will not receive the devotional from the same month your order was placed in (i.e. if your order was placed on February 8th you will not receive the February devotional).

Example: You purchased your Devotional subscription on January 8th. Your first Devotional will ship out starting on the 25th of January and arrive for the beginning week of February. If you don't receive it by the 11th of the expected month (January 11th in this example), then let us know as every now and then boxes do go missing in shipping. We will work on getting you a replacement. Please note that your book will ship via US Postal service or DHL. So it will be a little bit slower. 

If you purchase a Devotional subscription AFTER the 30th, then your order will ship out the last week of the following month.

Example: You placed your order on Feb 1st, your devotional will ship out the last week of February the 25th and arrive by the beginning of March.

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